The Declaration of
David’s Mighty Warriors 

On this day, May 9th 2019, the year of our Lord; 

We propose and humbly submit, and do declare before our God the Father, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, in whom we do trust and obey; 

The banding together by Declaration of David’s Mighty Warriors, with a mandate liking to that of King David of Israel and his mighty men (2 Samuel 23); 

To call Mighty Warriors to come together for the purpose of declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ; To propose to create a sanctuary of selected individuals that will make themselves available, operating in the gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12), having of sound mind, and to teach and train those who are prepared to walk independently from this World; To teach others to learn how to live without dependents on world systems that do enslave those who participate; To teach others to do battle against the spiritual wickedness that is within the world (Ephesians 6:12); To walk in the ways and teachings of our Lord Christ Jesus, and to make disciples of all men; 

By order of God the Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, to proclaim the same. 




“Tell my Mighty Warriors to arise and to proclaim my true name.”